Front End Development

My approach to front end development involves unobtrusive JavaScript, a well structured semantic layout, and a strong focus on best practices. I have an eclectic interdisciplinary knowledge base which adds insight when collaborating with others on a project.

Mobile Development

Mobile development is my subject matter expertise, and I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing brands to create an intuitive mobile presence. Some of my projects include CIBC, Drumoff VII, and TV series "The Boondocks". I develop for iOS, Android, Blackberry and WP7.

Design & User Experience

Coming from a graphic design background and spending endless hours analyzing interface patterns, I have developed an innate understanding of how respective design approaches affect user experience. I enjoy bringing interfaces to life, grounded in a solid application of best practices.

Upcoming blog posts

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Client testimonials

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    Gavin is more than just a developer. He took the time to sit down and educate our team about rethinking our mobile approach. From latent and perceived user needs all the way down to what evokes users to interact with applications; he removed a lot of the guess work out of the crazy process of providing digital information to a community.

    Aaron Henry

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    Gavin was a part of the user experience planning and development behind our flagship application. His insight and technical aptitude have taken us to international recognition in mobile markets and in the blogosphere with his innovation and creative approach to web development.

    Brad Jordan
    BCG Digital Media

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    Setting yourself apart in the nightlife industry is difficult to do, but that's exactly what Gavin has been able to accomplish. He created a social and web presence with administrative backend the helps us to not only quantify our clients but also get in touch with them via creative integrated social networking apps tied into the functionality of the website. I wanted a website, what I got was a brand.

    Adrian Simon

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    Gavin was a crucial part of the e-Health Ontario debugging initiative, and was able to close all major bugs within a week of working on the portal.

    Cedric Poire
    e-Health Ontario

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